Premium Class

Accessible with fares

French bee also means indulging yourself without compromise and traveling in absolute comfort!

With measurements straight out of a dream! You’re the only thing missing in your leather seat for a one-of-a-kind voyage, worthy of the most comfortable armchairs!

premium seat french bee


A private cabin of only 35 seats:

  • 7 seats abreast – 2 – 3 – 2
  • 36 inches of space between seats
  • 18-inch wide seat
  • Foot rest and leg rest to get the most out of your “leg max” seat
  • Adjustable headrest with 4 positions
  • 12- inch HD touchscreen
  • Power outlet and USB port
  • Center console and cup holder
  • Audio jack compatible with your personal headphones or earbuds
  • Free and extensive entertainment options (20 movies, TV shows, video games, music)
  • On-board Wi-Fi option available
  • The Bluetique: duty-free articles available for purchase
  • The Blue Café: a full-range of à la carte snack and beverage options

For your little needs

No, you’re not dreaming, French bee really does pair Premium services with low prices! Pay less while enjoying a smiling and attentive in-flight crew exclusive to your cabin: what else could you need? In Premium Blue Class passengers are greeted on board with a welcome drink.


Top-flight cuisine!

The French in French bee fully expresses itself in the French cuisine you will get to experience. A long shot from the simple choice of "chicken or fish," on our flights we don’t eat food, we relish it! 

In Premium Class, juices, soft drinks and alcoholic drinks are included in the ticket.


Are you a movie fan ?

With more than 20 movies, the latest exclusive shows, video games and music... of course you need a screen that’s up to measure! That’s why with French bee you get a large screen that is yours, and only yours!

Siege French bee grand ecran

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